A HUGE thank you to each & everyone who sacrificed their time, energy, talents and shoe-leather to gather signatures for our referendum effort.  The petitions are being filed with the Hamilton County Auditor on July 18th and it will be a few weeks before we get the final certification.


Hamilton County Commissioners Todd Portune & Denise Driehaus feel that the only way county government can continue existing in its current form is by raising taxes.  We not only disagree, but we feel that raising the sales tax is far too important for just 2 out of 3 commissioners to decided.  Therefore, we have joined with several organizations and community leaders to demand that it be put to a vote!

However, we need your help to get it on November’s ballot.  We are currently gathering the necessary signatures and need your help.  Please visit one of the locations below to both sign and get a petition that you can encourage your friends & neighbors to do the same.

We are a coalition of liberty-minded groups gathering signatures to place a recent sales tax increase before the voters, because we believe they should decide!

Listen to Chris Monzel discuss the tax increase on 55KRC Brian Thomas – and why Hamilton County is owed $40 million